Cover Reveal: Miss Ellerby and the Ferryman November 24, 2015

Presenting the cover for Aylfenhame #2!


MissEllerby large


How lovely is that? This thing of beauty is, as ever, by the magnificent Elsa Kroese.

And with that, the book is up for pre-order in all of the places. More specifically, at Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Kobo.

Here be the blurby bit:

Tilby, Lincolnshire, 1812. Miss Isabel Ellerby is a dutiful daughter to her loving parents, and more than happy to go along with the marriage they have planned for her. But the revelation of a long-held secret turns her neatly-arranged life upside down. When an unwise promise to the mysterious Ferryman of Aylfenhame lands her in the midst of an adventure, Isabel is forced to choose: Will she pursue a safe, conventional life as Miss Ellerby of Ferndeane, or will she follow her heart and her destiny to Aylfenhame?

Limited-time Kobo Promotion for Draykon and the Malykants! November 6, 2015

kobosmashwords promo small

Hi folks,

I’m totally chuffed to report that the fine ladies and gents at Kobo are running a 3-for-2 promotion over the weekend, and out of the 200 titles included, two of them are mine! Until Monday 9th, Kobo readers in the US and Canada can get the Draykon box set AND the Malykant Mysteries box set as part of this promotion, i.e. at a total bargain price. How spiffy is that?! Here’s the thing:

StoryBundle & Miss Landon and Aubranael November 4, 2015

All Covers Large

Morning all!

I’m excited to report that I have curated my first bundle with the marvellous folks at StoryBundle. You’ve heard about this before, because I’ve participated in a couple of previous bundles. But this is the first time I’ve chosen the books!

The bundle includes Miss Landon and Aubranael, and it’s appearing alongside 9 other great titles. They’re all set in the past, but within that we’ve got historical fantasy, mystery, romance, time travel, and more! They’re all great books written by top indie authors, and I had a blast putting this bundle together.

Here’s my mini blurb:

History is made up of stories, and those stories are vast, and varied beyond compare. The The Historical Fiction Bundle comprises a total of ten terrific titles by top-notch authors, together representing exactly this breadth and variety of experience. These stories blend real-world historical settings with romance, adventure, fantasy and mystery to bring you whole worlds of fun! You’ll visit ancient Egypt, the Americas, the Caribbean, Great Britain and Japan; you’ll meet pirates and warriors, witches and princesses, detectives, time-travelers and more.

Bundles are a great deal. Miss Landon and Aubranael usually costs $5, but for that price you’ll get four other titles along with it. For $12 or more, you’ll get a stack of 9 books – or 10, if you’re a newsletter subscriber as well. It’s a great way to support indie authors, and you can choose to assign part of your purchase fee to charity as well.

If all of that sounds great to you, head on over to StoryBundle to pick up your books! Note that you can also buy a bundle as a gift, so if you know someone who’d love Miss Landon and Aubranael, or who enjoys historical fiction (+ extras), this is a super opportunity.

It’s limited time, of course. It will end on 26th November – just in time for the second Aylfenhame book, Miss Ellerby and the Ferryman, to release on the 2nd December.

Happy reading!

Upcoming Books & Pre-Orders October 11, 2015

It’s a day for Assorted News! Starting with…

Upcoming Books & Pre-Orders

I’ve lately been working out my plans for the coming year (or two), and deciding what to write next. This is always a little tricky, as I tend to have far more ideas I want to write than I ever have time for. But decisions were made.

The next book coming up is of course Aylfenhame 2, entitled Miss Ellerby and the Ferryman. This book is currently in editing, and is due for release on December 2nd. I’ve set up a pre-order for it on iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords. It’s priced at $2.99 until release, after which the price will go up to $4.99 (note for Amazon customers: it is, for various reasons, rather harder and less useful to set up a pre-order on Amazon, so as of yet there isn’t one. I’ll do my best to get one up before the book goes live, with the discounted pre-order price.

I will soon be starting work on a book called Llandry. This will tell the story of Llandry’s adventures after the end of Orlind and prior to the beginning of Seven Dreams. It will be filled to brimming with draykon characters, lore and history, plus tons of animal/shapeshifter fun and lotsa magic. I’m looking forward to getting started. I’ve also put this up for pre-order at iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords at the same pre-order price ($2.99). There certainly won’t be an Amazon pre-order until much nearer the release date, as that’s not something I can do, but all in good time. Note that the scheduled release date of early April is subject to change, but I’ll keep you updated.

Following that I will be writing Aylfenhame 3 which is yet untitled. Further down my agenda (and in no particular order) will be a companion volume to Llandry which will be called (surprising no one) Evastany. And then at some point there will be Lokant Libraries 2 and Aylfenhame 4. At some point. We’re probably a couple of years down the line by now, but we’ll see.

Arty Things

Rosie Lauren Smith has been hard at work with the illustrations for Miss Ellerby and the Ferryman. I’ve shared one or two here already, and without further ado here are another half dozen!


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