Seven Dreams Pre-Order February 27, 2015

As promised, Seven Dreams is now up for pre-order pretty much everywhere! Yay. It’s due out on May 4th. If you’d like to have it delivered to your inbox the moment it’s released, do mosey on over to your favourite store and sign up for a copy.

This book takes place two years after the end of Orlind. It features a new cast of main characters, plus some visits from old friends.  Blurb:

Seven mortal Realms I saw and seven keys had I…

Serena Carterett leads a team of masqueraders, shapeshifters and reformed thieves. Their task? To oppose the criminal Yllandu at every turn. It’s a straightforward job — until the Yllandu get their hands on a mysterious stone artefact, and at the behest of a powerful Lokant employer. When a strange riddle appears in the sky, the hunt for the Seven Dreams begins.

Who will find the seven keys, and what do they open? Nobody knows, but Serena is determined to deny the Yllandu the prize. Her team must battle Lokants and sorcerers, scholars and thieves to solve the puzzle first. The hunt will take them all the way across the Seven Realms — and far into the darkness of their own past.


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I’m not going to lengthily link to all the different stores by country, but book should be available in all Amazon, Nook and Kobo stores.

Note: you may observe there’s a book cover displaying at Amazon, but nowhere else. This cover is merely a placeholder. I have commissioned the usual fantasy fabulousness from the mighty Elsa Kroese, and that cover will be going in everywhere as soon as it’s ready. Cannot wait.

In other news, I’ve also put out a Malykant Mysteries compendium containing all four titles. This is already available at Amazon and Smashwords, and it’s on its way to Nook, Kobo and iBooks. As a note, if anyone who’s read all four titles has a moment to stick up a review of the compendium, I’d appreciate it. The poor thing looks a bit naked.


Seven Dreams is on the way! February 4, 2015

Good morning all, and happy new year! (Yes, I realise it’s already February and, therefore, rather late to be saying that. What can I say? I’ve been busy WRITING!).

I am happy to be able to report that Seven Dreams, the new Draykon-world novel I’ve been promising for ages, is finally drafted! Yes!! There is still the long process of editing to go before it will be ready, of course, but it’s on the way.

I want to experiment with pre-orders for this release, so I’ll be looking into setting that up fairly soon. Watch this space for updates on that.

The new book is set a couple of years after the events of Orlind. It features a new cast of protagonists, though we do get to spend some time with Eva & Tren and Llan & Pense, too (plus animal friends). There are masquerades and costumes, airships and strange worlds, time travel and the mother of all treasure hunts. It was fun to write; I hope it will be fun to read, too.

Meanwhile, the last year or two were fairly unproductive for me due to ill-health and assorted other reasons. Fortunately that appears to be over and I’m back to my old writing routine. The next book on my agenda is Tales of Aylfenhame #2, and I have hopes of getting something altogether new out by the end of the year as well. We’ll see how it goes.


Malykant Mysteries #4 is here! September 5, 2014

Hallo folks,


I’m delighted to announce my first book for an entire year… yes, pathetic, I know… GHOSTSPEAKER! Which is, as you may have deduced from the title, the fourth installment in the Malykant Mysteries series. It is available from Amazon US, Amazon UK (and other Amazon stores of course), and Smashwords – so far. It’s on its way to Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony and Kobo and will hopefully start to turn up in those stores within a few days.

The other three titles have also had a cover overhaul. Woot! (see below).

Here is the blurbery:

Konrad Savast is the Malykant: foremost and most secret servant of the God of Death. His job? To track down the foulest of murderers and bring them to The Malykt’s Justice. No mercy. No quarter.

A sparkling society ball is held at Bakar House – but its success is overshadowed by the subsequent suicide of one of its guests. There was something strange about Miss Dominka Popov, but when Konrad is sent to investigate, he learns the strangest truth of all: her death was neither suicide, nor murder… but both.

How could this be? When Konrad delves into the victim’s past, he uncovers a host of strange family secrets. Assailed by the combined perils of society gossip, an unregistered Ghostspeaker and a host of unquiet spirits, Konrad will need all of his wits – and the help of his closest friends – to discover the truth.


As ever, reviews are appreciated. I have a few review copies available for interested parties, do comment or drop me an email if you’d like one.



Steampunk, StoryBundle and Stuff August 7, 2014

Dear folks,

Good morning and happy summer to you all! It’s been another long absence from me, and I do intend to explain (largely) why, but I had better leave that for a while because I have much more interesting things to report today.

Firstly, some of you may recall that I had the privilege of working with StoryBundle last year, and this month, I have the pleasure of doing so again. It’s Steampunk all the way, this time, and Black Mercury is part of the basic bundle.

How it works: Pay what you want! Pay up to $9 and receive four titles, including Black Mercury and The Machine God from the Drifting Isle Chronicles; pay $10 or more and receive three other books on top. They are DRM-free, available in any ebook format, and you can choose to send part of your payment to charity, too, if you’re inclined. More details to be found here:


All Covers Large


Secondly, some good news for fans of Konrad and Nanda: I’ve lately finished the draft for Ghostspeaker, the fourth title in the Malykant Mysteries series. I shall bring this to you within 2-3 months, together with a compendium of all four titles in ebook and paperback. After that, it’s back to the Draykon world for me, and I’ll be doing my best to finish up Seven Dreams as soon as I can.

That’s all for now. I hope you’ve all been having a marvellous summer, and I wish you good readings!



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