Latest Titles: Draykons, Malykants and More

Hi world,

I thought it might be about time to announce my latest releases here… there have been a few, these past two or three months. Isn’t that awesome?

From November… Llandry (Draykon #4)

Llandry tackles another murderish case, and this time the victims are the draykoni. She keeps a journal about the whole thing, because why wouldn’t you? This is her diary.


From December… Faerie Fruit

A new, random, fun and smiley thing from me. What happens to the town of Berrie-on-the-Wyn when its barren orchards suddenly start fruiting again? Especially since these particular apples are very peculiar indeed…


From January… Two New Malykant Mysteries

Konrad and Nanda are finally back in these two new tales, The Corpse Thieves and The Spirit of Solstice! More to come.


In other news!

My books are now available in the Google Play store, check out my shiny catalogue here.

I’ve also put up a series reading order page on the site, in case anybody’s starting to get confused. I now have enough books out that this is becoming necessary, how cool is that?

Lately I’m giving away a free book or two to newsletter subscribers, so take a peek here if you want to get in on that.

Coming up next…

Draykon #5 (Evastany) is due out sometime next month, PLUS, as noted above, another Malykant Mystery or two is in the works. And other things…

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