Draykon 4 is out! Llandry Awaits

Hi world!

I’ve decided to celebrate Halloween/Bonfire Night by releasing a new book, full of, um, scary and llandry_rgb_2500x1667thrilling things! Murder and mayhem! Shady villains! Sinister black dragons! Explosions!

…Aaaaand colourful worlds and whimsy and cute animals and friendship and love and Sigwide. Okay, it’s a new Draykon Series book so its not so season appropriate. I’ll figure out this holiday-theming thing eventually.

This new adventure is a little bit of a change of pace from the rest of the series: Llandry tells the story in her own words, which makes it my very first first-person story. If you’ve ever wondered what really goes on in Llan’s head, you’re about to find out. Good luck.


Draykoni do not die. Not truly. Not forever.
So we thought. We have been proved wrong.

A killer walks the Off-Worlds, someone with the means and the will to extinguish even the oldest of draykon souls. But why would anybody do such a thing, and how?

I am Llandry Sanfaer: Draykon shapeshifter, ambassador, colony leader. My people are dying beyond hope of revival, and it falls to me to stop it. But the killer leaves nothing behind. No hints, no clues. Just a lifeless skeleton in a dead world.

What’s more, the corrupted energy of Orlind has broken its confines. It’s spreading. With my people and my worlds under threat, I’ll need all my wits, all my strength, and all my friends to set things right.

It is released today, so if you would like to partake of this adventure you may acquire a copy immediately from the following stores:
AmazonKoboBarnes & NobleSmashwordsiBooks

What am I Doing Next?

Well I’m writing two things right now, those being Evastany, Book Five of the Draykon Series, in which Eva regales us about sinister Lokant plots in her own, mildly sarcastic words. I’m also writing Malykant Mysteries 5. Both these titles ought to be going out early next year, watch this space.

As soon as those are finished I’ll be hastening straight on to write book four in the Tales of Aylfenhame, which I’m hugely looking forward to because after all it is my happy land. On a vaguely related topic, I’ll have one more new book for you in the next few weeks, a secret whimsy project called Faerie Fruit which may be of interest to those who loved wandering through Aylfenhame.

So that’s it for news for a few weeks. Thanks for joining me, and happy reading!

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