Time for some news

It’s been one of those times where I suddenly realised I hadn’t updated my blog in… a long time. An embarrassingly long time. I could explain why, but it’s complicated and not all that much fun to hear about, so I won’t. Instead, we shall have NEWS.

Firstly, we are just finishing up with tax paperwork over here in the Netherlands and it turns out I did really well last year. Far better than I had any right to expect, really. The truly marvellous thing about this news is that it means I can carry on doing this full-time for at least another year. HUZZAH. I am hugely looking forward to all the crazy stuff I’ll get to write in that time. Enormous, mountainous, fat thanks to you all, therefore, for your amazing support and enthusiasm since I got started with this thing – not just for buying my books, but also for reviewing them, recommending them to your friends, and sending me all those lovely emails, comments, tweets and messages that brighten my day and keep me writing. Thank you!

Next, Smashwords’ “Read an Ebook Week” is upon us again. I was a little startled to realise this will be my third time participating, and it’s very encouraging to observe that the response this year is higher than ever. I’ve made The Rostikov Legacy, Black Mercury and Miss Landon and Aubranael free to download at Smashwords until the end of the event (Draykon is, of course, free as well – as always), and the rest of my titles are available at a discount. Take a look here. The event runs from March 2nd to March 8th, so there’s still a few days to pick up some bargains. Note, meanwhile, that Smashwords has a really convenient gifting system, so if you know someone who might enjoy one of my books, now is a great time to chuck them a copy.

And so on to the intriguing question of what’s coming next. I am (as you may notice from my little widget over to the left there) at work on a new Draykon-world series. The first book has a working title of “Seven Dreams” (may be subject to change by the time it’s published, who knows). It’s set a year or two after the end of Orlind, and while it features a brand-new heroine, it also features the prominent return of some of our favourite characters from the last adventure. It is (for various reasons) coming rather more slowly than I would like, and it’s too early to give you any kind of ETA on that. It is happening, however, and by hook or by crook I’ll get it to you in time. I also have a sequel to Miss Landon and Aubranael on the agenda for this year, and after that I want to do a new Konrad adventure. And loads of other things. I’ve reached that point where the list of books I want to write is far outstripping my ability to keep up with it, which is mildly frustrating (WRITE FASTER, stupid human!) but it can only be a good thing. I have ideas enough to keep me busy for the next decade, I reckon.

Also, the graphic novel I write for, Spindrift (drawn by the very same excellent Elsa who does most of my book covers) has resumed updates. Chapter one came to an end before Christmas, and we’re now getting started on chapter two. Check it out here! (it’s free to read).

On the more personal side, I dunno if I mentioned it but I got married last year, and we enjoyed a gorgeous honeymoon in the Caribbean in January (delayed because who wouldn’t escape the winter in favour of glorious sunshine for a few weeks?). I read a lot of books in that time. Really, a lot. It was marvellous.

Okay, back to writing for me. I hope you’ve all had a good couple of months and that you’ve read tons of great books lately (anyone got any to recommend, btw?).


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