New Book Available: Miss Landon and Aubranael

Hi all,

As of today, my new book, Miss Landon and Aubranael, is available on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Smashwords. As ever, it will take a week or two for it to appear at Kobo, Barnes & Noble and Sony, but it is on its way – promise! It needs a bit of review loving, so if you enjoy it and feel like throwing a few words at your favourite store, that would be much appreciated.

I’ll be working on producing a paperback edition very soon, which will hopefully be available by the end of the month (fingers crossed).MissLandon

Now it’s time to move on to the first book in a new Seven Realms series! Yay! And I’d like to hear from you. What would you like to see/hear more about in the new series? Which characters do you most want to meet again? If you have thoughts to share, please either leave a comment here or email me privately, as you prefer (or use twitter or facebook… really, I’m not fussy).


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