How Very Pinteresting

I studied art for a while in school. The part I enjoyed the most was building mood-boards and sketch books, full of ideas and inspiration for whatever project I was working on.

Years later I discovered Pinterest, courtesy of a sister of mine (thanks!). I use it like a massive interactive digital mood-board (or series thereof), and it’s terrific fun. Not only that but pretty useful, too, because it helps to get me in the right frame of mind when I’m writing.

To that end, I have created Pinterest boards for all my various series’. Seeing as these function as a peek into the mental vision I have of the worlds in question, I thought I’d share them around.

You can find my profile and a full list of my boards here: (feel free to follow!).

I have a board for Draykon and the Seven Realms

A board for the Malykant Mysteries

A board for the Drifting Isle Chronicles

I also have two boards for the current work-in-progress, Miss Landon and Aubranael. One is devoted to the fae world, Aylfenhame:

And one devoted to Regency fashions, houses and other paraphernalia: 


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