A Tour of My New Site

The down time is over, and my site is back — and looking very spiffy indeed! If you haven’t already, do stop by the main site and take a look.

The site was designed and rebuilt by Mr Andy Tran; if you’d like to pay him a visit you can find his site here.

There are some new features and some improved features, so I’m putting a quick tour below.

Current Projects

I know that some people visit the site looking for information about what I’m doing now, and what might be coming up later. At the top of the left sidebar there’s now a little pic showing my current book, and how far I’ve got with writing it.

Beneath that is the project queue, where I’ll list which books I’m planning to write next.

Existing Titles

The only book in my sidebar will, from now on, be my newest publication, as the books coverage has moved elsewhere.

One of my favourite things about the new site is the slider at the top, containing a rotating sequence of my book covers (and, later on, related art). If you click on it, it’ll take you through to my books page which has now been reformatted to look all clear and beautiful. You might note that you can browse by series, and clicking on any book cover will take you to a new page with synopsis and buy links. I’ll be keeping this updated with every title I publish.


I’ve been co-writing for the Spindrift fantasy web comic for a long time now, but it didn’t get much promotion on the old site. Now it has a lovely big pic, with links to the comic if you click on it.

The Draykon world map also gets a pride-of-place picture, so you can check out the full-colour large-size map if you want to.


I have a new comments system, operated by Disqus. This is more socialified and shareable, and also quite jazzy. You’ll also notice a comments stream in the sidebar.


My contacts page has also had a revamp. It’s now bigger, shinier and (I hope) easier to use. Please feel free to use it!

Find Sigwide

There is a Sigwide hiding in multiple places around the site. Spotted him yet? 🙂


Okay, that’s it! I hope you like the new site — let me know what you think below, if you feel like it — and I’ll be back next week with a new topic.


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