Black Mercury (Drifting Isle Chronicles) Cover Reveal!

I was going to wait a bit longer to do this, but you know… when I have a new piece of cover art by Elsa lying around on my hard drive, it’s hard to resist sharing.


Here is the cover for Black Mercury, my piece of the forthcoming Drifting Isle Chronicles.



Here you see Caspar Goldstein being a Young Gentleman of Leisure, and his long-suffering friend Clara Koh, who is busy… fixing stuff. As she does.

Also note the stylishly-dressed pigeon on the autocarriage headlight: that’s Min, a busy and largely cake-fuelled bird.

Admire, share if you want to, and watch this space for when the book’s available :)

(PS: If you are sharing, please link to Elsa’s website at – tis the neighbourly thing to do!).

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  • Rachel Cotterill

    Gorgeous :-)

  • Mark

    Outstanding, I really do love Elsa’s artwork. Congrats on yet another book nearing completion. :)

  • Farida Mestek

    This is so cool! Congratulations!

  • alexlaybourne

    I love the cover! It is another awesome design.

  • Michelle

    I can see why you couldn’t keep it to yourself. Beautiful cover that really captures the book!

  • Steven Tryon

    Ooh Aah. More niftyness from Elsa!

  • Steph’s Scribe/Stephanie Verni

    Beautiful, as always!!!

  • Ritesh Kala

    Wow! I did imagine the car to be somewhat different from this, but I have to say that the artwork is truly breathtaking! Can’t wait to get my hands on it.