And They’re Done!

The second editions of my Draykon series books, that is! They are now newly spiffed up with the gorgeous new map (you’ve all seen that already, right?) and a glossary of terms for each book. These should already be live on Amazon and Smashwords, though as usual it’ll take a bit of time for the changes to filter out to the other ebook stores.

If you’ve already bought the books, you shouldn’t need to do so again to get the updates: Amazon and Smashwords will certainly allow you to download the newest versions again to your computer or e-reader and hopefully the same goes for the other stores (not being a customer, I can’t be certain about that, so if you have any problems getting them please contact me – I’ll send!).

I’m in the process of emailing all my kind crowdfunder contributors with agreed rewards for your extremely kind and appreciated contributions. You should be hearing from me today, but if anything goes wrong and you don’t get an email then again, please contact me and I’ll fix it!

With the map done, the next project on my agenda is arranging for paperback editions of the series. This could take some time yet (me being way out of the US and all), but here’s hoping it will be possible to get those available within a few months.

In the meantime, thank you to all readers, supporters, contributors, fans and friends for your kind help and enthusiasm over these past months – it’s been invaluable in keeping me going while I attempt this difficult “being a novelist” thing. Here’s hoping the other half of this year will be as productive and entertaining as the last.

And because I can’t resist it…. here’s the map again. Squee.


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