Introducing a New Cover Artist

You  may notice that one of the book covers over to the right there (—>) has changed. That’s because Leximandra Reports has a shiny new book cover!

The artist is Eva Strikkers, who has lately been working with my regular cover artist, Elsa Kroese. They’ve been doing Spindrift work together for the most part, but Eva also did a beautiful new cover for my short story collection. Here it is to admire:

The scene shows Tren bringing in a somewhat messed-up Night Cloak over Glour, which occurs in the first story in this collection. Notice the brilliant magical map at the bottom! I love this piece and I hope Eva will be doing a lot more book covers in her future career.

She keeps a blog called Creations of Eve, if you’d like to visit and see what else she gets up to. Thank you, Eva, for this beautiful piece of art!

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