Draykon Series: News!

It’s been nearly three months since I published Lokant, book 2 of the Draykon Series. Quite a lot’s happened since then, and I have lots more planned, so I decided to share some updates.

Nice Things: Reviews and Sales

Firstly, I’m happy to report that word  is spreading about the series. Reviews are coming in more frequently, and the great majority have been enthusiastic. Thank you for those! They are a huge help – not only in encouraging others to try the books, but also in keeping this author going.

This is also allied to an upswing in sales. It”ll be some time yet before I can say I’m making a living (let’s hope that happens at all), but so far 2012 has brought me a lot more copies sold. Interestingly, many authors report 90% or more of their sales coming from Amazon, but in my case that isn’t happening – mine are much more evenly distributed across most of the major ebook vendors. I don’t know if that pattern will hold, but it’s interesting so far.

Draykon #3

Now, about the next book! The third Draykon novel is going to be titled Orlind. The draft is complete and editing has begun. The series will end here, though I do have some vague plans to return to this world in the future. At the moment everything is on track for an April release, though it’s likely to be nearer the end of the month before everything is done.

I’m planning to send out ARCs (advanced review copies) this time around, which should be available a couple of weeks before the book is published. I have a few names on my list already; if you’d like to be added to it please let me know (leave a comment, or send me an email!). These will, of course, be e-books.


I do in fact have plans to get paper editions in print for the whole series. My fabulous cover artist will be expanding my e-covers into print covers after the art for Orlind is done. That means I hope to be able to set this process in motion sometime in April. I’m not sure how long it will take to get all three books available from Createspace – since I live in Europe, it could take a while to get proof copies mailed out here. But I’m hoping they’ll be ready by summer.

Maps & Other Goodies

A few people have said that they’d like to see a map of the Draykon world. The problem I’ve had with this is a total lack of artistic talent… and I do mean total. But I’m exploring options and have hopes of working something out.

I’m also working on a glossary of terms for the series. When both of these are complete, I’ll be releasing new editions of all books with map + glossary (if you want these but have already bought the books, not to worry – I’ll make free copies available for you).


My final Cunning Plan is to create a compiled edition of all three books once the series is complete. This will be ebook only at present – I’m not sure how it’ll work out in print. But if my first Createspace adventures go well, this may be an option for sometime in the future.

That’s it for my list. Now back to the editing… which I hate  which is such a wonderful, satisfying process.


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